Sunday, 29 September 2013

Fighting for the town

The fighting takes place in a town and a WW1 style of trenches.
We will take a look at the town of Honjinganga.

We will be following the Japanese sniper (Kihei Sogekihei). His name is Ryom.
Ryom went from Combat training experience to Veteran with out being killed. (yellow - green)

Here you can see our sniper Ryom at the bottom left corner of the map. Here he stays for the many Soviet assaults on the city.
It become clear that the soviets have armored cars. Soviets make a skilled  infantry move towards the city.

The violent firefight ensues.
 Soviets cross the road to attack the house.
They succeed.

Soviets are pushing well into the town.

This house is lost...

Then its taken back.
The soviet get ready to move but then they hear a Japanese plane coming in for the attack!
Devastating airstrike.

I was able to hold off the 1st wave. Then comes another...

And another.....

 After a huge firefight with off map artillery from both sides on the town. I am able to launch a human wave.

With huge loses im able to hold the town. My men start to evacuate the wounded. But then.. theres another soviet attack...

 Its midday. The sun is hot. Still, Ryom sits and waits....

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