Sunday, 8 June 2014

Starting Flames of war

Hey guys.
With out the internet and busy work scheduled i needed too start a hobby.
I have had a dark past with miniatures. (all my collections have been lost or destroyed in horrible fights)

I was in a model store and i noticed the Flames of War collection.
They were 30 % off. And i couldn't help my self.

Flames of war is a world wide table top miniature war game. It just so happens to be from New Zealand.

In the past i was put off by some of the quality. But there are two rebuttals to this.
1. Its actually the painters fault. I have seen some perfect looking moddels on the internet. AND THE FLAMES OF WAR WEBSITE IS NOT THE BEST PLACE TO FIND THEM!
2. They are freak-en tiny! 15 mm. And if well painted, it basically eliminates the cartoon look.

Another great thing is that the boxes come with real platoons and armies. Its normal for a small box to contain 120 men.

I got German SS troops. GBX58 SS-Infantry Company

Painting SS troops would have to be one of the hardest choices to begin flames of war. The SS practically invented modern camouflage early in the war. The the SS uniforms changed alot.
I spent a huge amount of time thinking about the different color schemes.

I purchased German SS paint box. I then purchased a polish and Soviet paint pack.

The back of the box didn't help me much.  Can any one identify this SS uniform?
The SS company box was to small and even the website didn't help.
My SS troops are made for early-mid war. But im thinking about breaking the rule and painting a color scheme more late than that. 44-45 eastern front.
I was going to ask the Close Combat forums for advice on camouflage and team composition. But i couldn't find the time to word my questions properly.
This link is an example of how complex the SS camouflage system can be.
I also found the SS flames of war guide to be not as helpful as i hoped.
I also had very specific questions about the variations of uniforms from 1 unit.
I understand that there was more variations at the end of the war because of rationing, casualty's, and merging of units.
With the FOW Guide why do some SS troops have camouflaged helmets and others gray. Was this a common thing in real life, or is it just an example set by the guide. Or is it to represent a team made up of survivors?

Another thing that bugged me, was in the FOW website, it shows the SS troops with a camouflaged top and Helmet. But there pants were black or dark Gray.
I need to know if this was always the case. Unfortunately i had already camouflaged the pants before i realized this.

With the official FOW product detail site i noticed some helmets were way more orange than others. Why?

If any one can send me a ultimate illustrated guide to SS uniforms that would be great.
The world of SS uniforms are diffidently a complex one. Any advice on or comments on SS camouflage and uniforms will be appreciated.

My inspiration for the uniforms will be the pea dot or Leibermuster uniform

Some early painted men.

Below i can have my troop running like a german..

Or running like a British person.

Here is an example of how you can bend the man on a angle. To make him look like hes darting back and fourth.
Always important to clean your miniatures.

This modlel was allways a mystery to me. I didnt know what he was holding. I asked on the Flames of war facenbook page. And they told me it was a German anti tank grenade.

Finished. Will add grass later. *Update: grass added*

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