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Close Combat – The Bloody First

            Close Combat – The Bloody First

In a desperate attempt to be relevant and acquire page views, we are going to be looking at (what should be) the biggest news in the world of Close Combat.

Close Combat the Bloody First.

Close Combat the Bloody First is the new up coming Close Combat game. 
Its supposedly the game we have all been waiting for. But is it? 

After years and years (19 years) Close Combat will finally be going 3D. I will discuss my thoughts about that soon.

The game was said to be released in late 2014. Now its looking more like late 2015.
Thats good news because one of the worst things about the video game industry is rushed released dates, and unfinished products going on the market. (Rome total war 2,Hearts of Iron 3)    

The Close Combat re-release games have had mixed reactions from the Close Combat community.

Its worth mentioning that some of the bigest names in the Close Combat community have voiced feelings of anger and pessimism.
There has even been calls to boycott the product and even close down the Close Combat main website .

Becuase the website serves as a life support for the game. And "Matrix games does not deserve the lifeline/plug." according to some people. 

But there are also people who support matrix or are indifferent becuase they are just happy to play a new Close Combat game. 

Why are some people so angry at Matrix games? 

  • The price.  My currency converter tells me that the 1998 game CC3, that was remade in 2007 (cross of iron). That remains relatively  unchanged Is 92.1 US dollars for the boxed edition.  (69.99 NZD)
    I think that constitutes as VERY expensive. And i know for a fact it is the main deterrent for sales. 
  • Modding.    Since the new releases, with a new engine. Close Combat has become harder to mod. Thats bad news. Modding is a key element for the CC community.  
  •  Money making. Despite the small team working on matrix Close Combat games, who are very interactive on there forum. And very responsive on a lot of issues. 
There is undoubtedly the perception the Matrix games are money hungry, and don't really care about Close Combat, or what the fans want. 
  • Lack of innovation and steps backwards.  Many have complained that they simply have not improved the game enough to justify the re releases. And that improvements have been made, but then taken away with the subsequent releases.   There have also just been general criticisms like soldiers AI being inferior,coding, strategic map, graphics ect ect. Basically its just not as good as some would expect. And/or its a step backwards in some respects.  


Close Combat in 3D. 

Close combat in 3D has been at hotly debated subject for quite a long time now. 

Some are for it, others don't like it. 

Originally i opposed a 3D Close Combat. Here is my opinion. 

I used to think 3D was inferior.
But i now admit that this theory is redundant in this day and age.

On the left is the game Commandos. Commandos was a perfect example of 2D and 3D mixing together.
The beautiful maps were 2D. Yet the soldiers,vehicles,explosions, bullet impact smoke was all 3D.

I always believed that a future Close Combat game should follow that example. And not be be entirely 3D.   

  There is a new wave of discussion in the video game world about pre
Rendered backgrounds. There are some who care calling for it to make a come back.

  So i think its worth reading about prerendered backgrounds. It used to be so popular.  

So with all the complaints about the new Close Combat do you really think making the game 3D will give us the dream CC?
I don't know...

But i cant help thinking that making the game 3D will hamper flexibility.
I think its a cop out for lack of innovation.

But thats just one opinion. There are many people who can make rebuttals and counter arguments.

What do we know?

  • We know that the game will be 3D. Completely 3D.

  • The game will follow the famous 1st Infantry division through WW2.
Nicknamed The big red one. (click for wiki info)

This is unlike any other Close Combat. As it will follow one particular division through the course of the war.
This will see us through Africa, Tunisia where the Americans initially got there ass kicked :D

  • Siciliy, Omaha beach, Normandy and beyond. 

  • The developers are allso claiming that there will be desion points about where to advance and what route to take, Ect. So it will be less like CC5s strategic map, but more complex than CC3s basic "Forward and back" champaign. So its sounds more like CC2.  

Representing a variable operation(s)

  • You can play as the Germans in multiplayer.
We know you can still play the campaign online multiplayer/H2H and that the opponents can play as the Axis troops. (thank god for that! A single player only CC would be a death sentence.) 

I will leave you with the only pictures they have showen us. It was released quite a long time ago. And they dont want to show anymore. Becuase it wouldnt do the final product justice.

  Keep and eye on this page. I will be updating soon.

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