Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Close Combat 2 after action report. Antony_nz vs Markkal

Hello. And welcome. This is Antony Vs Markkhal. After our warm up battle, he wanted to play his old custom battles.
Take a look at the picture.
 This was a tough one for me. In hindsight the terrain was allot worst for me.
My the biggest mistake was placing so many troops on the right hand side of the map. My troops were cut off from the rest of them.
After realizing there was going to be no resistance on the right hand side of the map, they were forced to cross the bridge!
Not surprisingly it was a disaster.

  I am the allies and i have to deploy on the north.
I have 180 points. The Germans have 130 points.

As you can see on the maps picture above, all the custom maps have neutral victory locations. This makes it very interesting.
There are no attackers or defenders.  Just mutual combat to take the VLs. Very different from the average Close Combat game.

Here i pop the sneaky question. Are you going to have tanks?
I told him he didn't have to answer me. But he did.

Here i spend all but 3 points.
Mainly heavy Infantry. A bazooka, just in case. 2 tank and 2 AT guns. Mortar, MG gun.

This is my deployment.
My mistakes are following..
WAY! to many men on the right hand side of the map. They end up being marooned there. And eventually have to cross the bridge while under fire.
I'm undermanned in the middle. And my AT guns are in hopeless positions. Specially the one in the middle looking over the field with the center VL. It gets blown up straight away.

1st tankD, on the top right. Firefly on the bottom right...

 OK battle starts! My team comes under fire. Mortar rounds come in and make a kill.
(the AT gun in the middle of the map is taken out straight away)

 I call in mortar rounds..
 And order a retreat. .
 Pull back! pull back!
 To make matters worst, i spot a German Armour unit. Mark 3.
 On the right of the picture you can see the destroyed AT gun i was talking about..
Also, the retreating infantry above are destroyed. .
Here is the situation..
 The poppy fields VL are taken. Top left
All the guys on the right are cut off. But cautiously advancing.
Retreating infantry on the top left are gone!
Notice a 2nd German tank is spotted at the very bottom left.

 Oh, looky here. I was wrong. The retreating infantry were not wiped out.
In fact its the other way round.

 The middle victory location is taken.  (potato fields). Plus my Vickers MG gun are destroyed.


After i realize that there are no Germans on the right side of the map, i try to sneak across the bridge.
But unfortunately its to late.....  ^^^^^

I was able to fire shots at this tank, But did not hit it.  Lost it.
You can see the mortar shell holes. on the right.

This will be the last desperate stand.
The end comes after that, and i flee after losing my AT gun.

The the old vet kicks my ass. Hope you enjoyed that.
i have like, 12 pictures of the next 3 battles. Ill upload them soon. I do a bit better


Here are some more pictures of our game.

 My troop selection.
 The battle.
 Holding out the casino.
 I'm allot tougher in this battle. I also manage to take out some of his tanks.

 I lose the casino. And its over.

In this next battle im the Germans,
Its very hard for the allies. And in my opinion i would of beaten him, if it was not for the game crash.
I inflicted huge losses. He made alot of failed attacks.
I still had a tank. And i doubt his 2 tiny tanks would of been able to beat mine.
Im the Germans in this next battle also.
This battle i won. It was my favorite battle. And very exciting.

He never manages to inflict devastating losses to the men at bottom.
My panzerschreck rocket team is able to take out 2 tanks.
After good firing. I'm able to advance and tank the top right VL. After some intense close combat. I'm able to secure the building.

Was able to sneak my unscathed unit forward and take the bottom field.
I win.
Wow are Germans just stronger?

Great games. Would love to play him in the future.

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