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CC3 Vietnam part 2 "The landing"

The landing

Ok, we have landed.
All we need to do is take the VL and move forward.

As you can see my troops have a long way to navigate. Four whole maps will needed to be cleared to complete this operation.
The game turns out to be a bit of a mess. So lets take a look and see how it goes...

I deploy my men in a circle. A 360 defense for when the hit the begin button. My plan was to hold the landing zone until all the Vietnamese troops have been spent. Then move east. Hopefully with out losses.
Things are not quite as easy as that, unfortunately.

On the top left i decide to deploy the Mike force as a bonus insurance. They can do all the jobs that don't involve defending the landing zone. :)
Its not easy being commander. Here i am safely in the middle. Did i mention we can call in napalm strikes :)

 For the sake of keeping track of the soldiers let take a look at my precious men.
Schwarzeneggers looking Jacked.

 Here is the the Australian  MG team. And dont forget the Australian SAS team. Lead by our friend Mark Nielson!
 And we need to keep a Close eye on our sniper. Matilda Rose. I love this guy.


So far all we can here is the uneasy sound of crickets and Cicadas..

Its quiet.. almost to quiet..

Every ones in a good position. But then all of a sudden the leader of the Australian MG team feels the need to stand up, brandishing his pistol.

I scream
"Meyhew! Get your ass down or you'll get your self killed!"

But he ignores me. Pacing back and forth yelling obscenities.

Things start to get serious. Commies spotted to the south. And a friendly artillery barrage starts going off. Hot Damn Vietnam!

The Australian SAS team start to open fire on the communist positions.

 As more enemy positions appear, i get some disturbing news on the Radio.
"Sir, FRIENDLY FIRE! Team leader Wesevich! His face has been blown off!"

(I can hear his screams in the background)

It turns out the artillery barrage forgot that the MIKE force unit was hiding on the top left of the map. Tragically the team leader is disabled. A very bad start for them and the entire operation.

Objective 3.
*Take no casualty's


My mind races for excuses for this mishap. 
"Friendly fire doesn't count"
"Hes not even dead!"
"Hes not really on my side"

But slowly the guilt fulls my heart as i hear about the intensive damage done to his face.

As more and more Vietnamese soldiers close in on the landing zone it occurs to me. "More of my good men are going to become casualtys"
As i give the order to sit tight and keep firing at the enemy i get another disturbing report..

The far left VL called "Trail home" has been taken!
Now the only VL left is the Landing Zone!    If we manage to take the exit VL we will still have to go back and take "Trail home VL"

I scream out to the Australian SAS. "On my order! TAKE THE WEST VICTORY LOCATION!
They acknowledge my order over the sounds of shooting,yelling and bombs going off.
I Then get another message from Mike force...

Milton is down! We need to get out of here!

The persistent Vietcong are being destroyed by fire.
Until there numbers swell down the Australian SAS will have to sit tight.

I give the order for the Mike Force to carefully move out.

In a war measured by body count, we are feeling pretty good.
Hold out until attrition kicks in for the Vietnamese soldiers. Then we can simply stroll to the remaining VLs unopposed.  Its a fool proof strategy :)

I stole this cool picture with out Permission

Take a look at this cool AAR
 You cant really tell from the Photo. But one of the VC guerrillas ends up surrendering.  
Lets pretend it was her :) ( Click for more Female soldiers )

We will tie her up and send her to be interrogated by our MIKE force. 

Should be fun.
 But MIKE force is now on the move.

After a lull in the fighting, they dose Wesevich and Milton up with morphine. Make them comfortable. Then crawl out into the unknown...

The R.O-K Marines storm into the middle of the circle and lay down some heavy fire power. Relieving the Australians.

(Note the hysterical prisoner running around flapping her hands in the air)

The leaderless MIKE Force notice Communist troops in the dead river/Trench.

Panicking they break out into a run.

Was Milton shot, instead of Artillery barrages shrapnel ? There no way to find out....

Shoot them!

Its finally time for the SAS to get moving. Its quite interesting to read about Australia's SAS and general involvement in the Vietnam war.

The Vietcong called them Ma Rung. Phantoms of the Jungle.

(says Wikipedia)

  Mike Force stops the covering fire. To the dismay of the Australians.

Its very likely that the there will be enemy's waiting to ambush the SAS.

A-Team is ordered to provide back up to the 4 man SAS team.

To try and flush out enemy's, the SAS open fire in that general direction. 

MIKE force are half way there. They take a rest here. Crawling can be physically draining.

Matilda Rose ventures south. To check out the burning dead body's. He wants to find a target.

A group of NVA are spotted and everyone opens fire.  

SAS are moving closer to the target, Meanwhile A-Team are having a group huddle. Initiated by there Quarterback "Snap.. HUT!"

Matilda is trying desperately to make a kill.

Mike Force come under more fire.

The SAS make it to the VL. There back up moves in. There seems to be no enemy troops around.

With the Trail home VL taken, there's just 1 left!

I get up to get a better view.

MIKE Force is ordered to continue there advance.

And below, you can see the airborne have moved north into the foxholes.

They will try and flush out the enemy from the dry river..

We drop some napalm to clear the air.


Everyone gets a move on.

Seal Team will be leading the advance to the Exit V.L!

Next minute Norman gets shot! Followed by a infantry charge! Mike Force frantically aim and take fire at the screaming enemy's.

They take cover and fight back!

They are subdued by fire power coming from the Landing Zone. Then another Vietnamese unit appears.

After they are defeated, Seal team make it to the exit VL!

*Protect the landing zone (LZ) and move forward.

Objective complete!

Or is it...

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