Sunday, 4 January 2015

"Remember" A Hearts of iron after action report. Me vs. My cousin.

 Me vs my cousin!

Warning, contains real war images.
Photos taken off Google images and various websites.

                              "Remember" A Hearts of iron after action report.

                                                      Antony vs. Rory.

Prince Hirohito and British Prime Minister Lloyd George, 1921
Antony played as The United Kingdom.        
My cousin Rory played as the Japanese.

Hearts of Iron Darkest Hour.



Do you Remember? Do you Remember the war?
Do you remember the flames?
Do you remember the dead?
Remember the young, remember the old?
The hearts of iron, the hearts of gold.
I want you to remember...
Lo and behold.
There are thing we remember and things we were never told.

Look at the photo. As if you were there.

Remember Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere.

Remember the training exercises, the noise and commotion.  

Remember the Marco polo bridge incident?

When a soldier went missing, a war was in motion...

Lets take a look at what happened. 

Lets not dwell on what might of been. The ball was in in motion.

                                                  Time and space will not intervene.

Remember the fear...

Can you imagine what it was like to actually be there?

Remember how the Japanese landed in china?

They did it to expand the fight
Remember how the Chinese tried to unite? 
But it never really worked... The noose was growing tight..

Remember the pockets of Chinese fighters?

Remember when Nanjing was under siege, when the biggest battle ever happened. 

And remember when they finally captured the city. Remember what they did afterwards?

The world looked in horror, it couldn't of been worst. But for a prelude for the horrors to come, that was the first... 

Soviet aid, Anglo lend-lease.
Never quelled the horrors of the east.  

Before i declare the Japanese "the winner". Lets take a look at the war in Abyssinia. 

Or lets take a look at the war with nationalist Spain.
The support i sent, was all in vain.  

As the empires unleashed there might of old, the Spanish civil war was about to unfold. 
For whom the bell tolled
Let there whole story be told. 

And remember...
Remember the Italian army?

Remember the Abyssinian's?

Remember him
Remember them
 Remember her?

Remember them, as they were?
Before our world was thrown into abyss
Remember this?
Ill finish this story one day, at last, from the fall of Fall of India, to the atomic blast. 

Yea im a fucking wicked rhymer and you know it!

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