Saturday, 8 August 2015

Vietnam Long time.

Hey guys. Due to the overwhelming popular demand. I'm going to try and finish this miserable Vietnam mission.  Alot of battles were lost, and im just going to try and finish it off.


Hà Hà mỹ ngheo làng

A attack was made on the village. But i lost all the pictures. And will just have to continue from the second day of the attack.
My team had spent a day fighting the Vietnamese. Boyle has won a silver star for 8 kills. 

Hoffman has done even better in SEAL Team.
Good old Rose made 6 kills.. 
But many have died. Including Arnold Schwarzenegger
The survivors could only be reinforced by SOG teams, who come to face there black year. 1968

Starting position.
Immediate shelling begins in the town center.

Enemy spotted north east. 

Americans in the rice storage keep fire on the NVA running through the fields.
The bombing gets more and more intense. Next thing we know, the Vietnamese have vehicles!
I call in a airstrike and quickly take it out.
Next thing we know, the NVA have taken the west house. SOG team are stuck out in the open!
Commander Antony is injured! All is lost! Things just getting worst and worst!
Hey there is one!

This battle ends up being pretty shit for me. I bit off way more than i can chew.

Next time i wont include so many maps. Another words, land the helicopters closer.
Then attack them. :)

The bastards took the western VL. Time to take it back!

Just zoom in like a house on fire. 

My men move north to engage the massive communist horde.
Check out the shit end.

I hope this was amusing.

-The end... Or is it? !!!

Home time...


Seal team medals.

Next time i will give there town a shock and awe attack.

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