Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The push past Mechetka woods..

                                                         Enemy at the gates.

Ok, we have done 3 battles so far. 

Here are the 3 battle so far. Notice how i have beaten him completely off the map on the 1st battle?

The first battle was Mechetka woods. And my army took it in the morning on the 1st day.

In the middle the green cross was a Soviet AT gun. It managed to take out one of my tanks at the very start of the battle. That kind of scared me to begin with.

I ended up calling in a off map artillery barrage. Conveniently i saw moving soldiers in the area as well. 
The bombs killed some troops and took out the AT gun, leaving my German tanks free too move across the battlefield.  
It was a walk over from there on...

See the dark red lines? They show how my tanks just surrounded the soviets completely unopposed.

The bridge was taken very early by the Germans. I sent them crawling in under the bridge but that's when i started coming under fire. The problem was later fixed when i had a German MG gun actually on the bridge.
It provided good cover for the rest of the game.

On the left of the picture you can see the green line. That's because Doug had some men hiding in the woods. Some of them had even built trenches. But he hadn't noticed for some reason. 

They put up a resistance for quite a while. At one point i had a tank moving  up, and the doug called a airstrike. The explosion was massive!
But it failed to damage the tank.

I won. Interestingly Doug never intended to defend this map. He claims he tried to pull out on the strategic map. And it didn't work.   

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