Friday, 4 July 2014

Despair in Vietnam

Last time the battle was a mess.
I had to call a cease-fire.

This battle. Or patrol as we will call it, is another attempt to win over the map.
5 of my units must rest and sit this battle out.
This time we only have My team,Seal,Airborne, the sniper and the Australians.

I'm looking forward to day 5 when i can spend my 300 points. After that, the Vietnamnese may have pillboxes Artillery guns and even Armour at there disposal.
Its looking bleak for us.

You can see my deployment is way more compact this time.
MG team and Sniper are the only thing that protects our exit victory location.
While the rest of us deploy at the mid bottom of the map. With the hopes of quickly taking the eastern road out of here.

A MG team is spotted.
But airstrike is called!

We made short work of them!

The mission ends with a success.
The main teams hold off the center.

While the Australian SAS make a brave run for the Eastern exit VL! These men end up winning us the battle!

The Vietnamese realize this, and go for the western road! Tragically the Australian Machine gunner Mark Mathew is horribly wounded in the successful defense.

It should be noted that the Seal Team member Hoffman has made 8 kills.

Thanks to Seal Team sticking there neck out, we have captured the area.
Ill tell you more, but this is all i have played! I will need to get my CC3 CD and continue on playing, to finish my blog.
Will the reinforcement day help or make things worst?
Will i make it to the Village of " 'HàHà My Nghèo Làng'?
How will i balance my units that need rest?

Ill update after i play the battle :)

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