Sunday, 8 September 2013

The 1st tank battle of Stalingrad.

                                                                Welcome comrades.

                                                                            Its it now time for the 1st tank battle of Stalingrad 
                                                                          Followed by the attack on the airfield and aircraft hangers.

      The evil planer in Berlin has made it very clear that the airfield is to be taken without delay
Its all part of a grand plan to push the Bolsheviks towards the city. I plan to take advantage of the open terrain, and seize the supply depot on top of the hill Mamayev Kurgan.                               

All of this can been seen on my incredibly elaborate and detailed map below.    

^^^ when we take the hill we will have full view of the city.

Taking the airfield is also a huge strategic importance.

The 2 battles are done and dusted, its now just a matter of posting them tomorrow.
Thank you and good night.

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