Sunday, 8 September 2013

The 1st tank battle of Stalingrad. The ridge

                                 The 1st tank battle of Stalingrad.
Doug did very well in this battle. And i underestimated the power of his tanks.
particularly the T-34 .
This is an example of the soviets BG ^^^

In response i had my Stug III tank. But unfortunately i am learning that they are better for defense than attack..

Again i am treated to good Veteran troops. Well needed if im going to be attacking. Lets just hope i don't spend them all by the time i get to Stalingrad city center.

Deployment was interesting, In the picture above i hide a AT gun in the trees. It has great LOS (line of sight) looking through the vally.

Doug did well. I only managed to move forward and attempt to take 2 Victory Locations, The battle was domernated by two failed Infantry dashes and "long ranged tank pot shots" so to speak.
Below i try to take advantage of the end dirt road. But i end up losing my tank. 

Force morale is low on both sides. The battle is coming to a end.

Lets take a look at the attack on the north. It started early with troops moving in but getting killed by a unit of Russian platoon leaders.
Russian tank were nicely hidden here.
Taking out the medium Russian tank tricked me into a false sense of security

The result 

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