Sunday, 29 March 2015

Invasion of Panama AAR part 2

20 December 1989. Incursion begins at 1.00 AM local time.

America is going to invade Panama. Suddenly. And quickly.
America embarks on a massive coordination of awesome force that is done spectacularly as the world watched. Its time to put the Vietnam syndrome to rest.

                                            President George Bush's address to the nation. 

The operation began with an assault of strategic installations:

Map of the grand Campaign

This first battle will be in Oeste (west) sector. The first operation can been seen in the bottom left of the map. The area is called Rio Hato 

The American must secure there landing zone then move forward 2 maps.

 After taking the landing zone. The Americans must then move onto the second map called the Rio Hato Military institute.
Rio Hato Military institute
Finally, after that. The Americans will move onto the map inter-American Highway. A road map.
At the same time we will be taking Coco Solo.
At the same time we will be attacking one of PDFs main basses Oeste (west) sector. Its called Coco Solo. A very important navy base.
And lastly in the West sector the 2nd Marines will be pushing into Arraijan. A single map op.

The game will be multilayer.
I'm the American force. My brother or brothers will be Panama defense force.
My brother expressed a interest very early on about playing this mod.

Wish us luck!

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